Master Series Misbehaved Black Zip Tie Police Cuffs – 5 Pack

Master Series Misbehaved Black Zip Tie Police Cuffs – 5 Pack


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Live out your captive fantasies with these Misbehaved Zip Tip Police Cuffs! Slip them on with ease and pull them tight! They bring either wrists or ankles together and can also be used on the arms, as well! Made out of flexible and strong plastic, they operate similar to common zip ties but with more durability and comfort. Cut them off when done using scissors or safety shears.

Want to get into some risky roleplay where one partner plays the criminal and the other the cop? Or maybe you enjoy the idea of being kidnapped and kept captive? Use these realistic zip tie cuffs to live out an authentic fantasy! Have your partner put a hood over your head and zip tie your wrists and ankles! Get yourself into trouble and then allow yourself to be caught by your partner playing the dirty cop! With restraints so small and lightweight, you can take them anywhere and enjoy quick and active roleplay scenes! Your imagination is the only limit!


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