Nextgen Dolls – Athletic Alicia Fantasy Love Doll

Nextgen Dolls – Athletic Alicia Fantasy Love Doll


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You will have so much fun with Athletic Alicia! She is the naughty gym babe in your dream and will always be there for you and love you unconditionally! Her sexy body is so flexible and posable whenever and however you desire. Give her a yoga lesson and fuck her round tight ass from behind as she bends and stretches in a downward-facing dog pose.

Indulge in Alicia’s addicting and tempting body – so satisfying to bounce and squeeze. She has long, silky brown hair, lively brown eyes, and her inviting mouth are made for going down on you. Take your exercise partner home for a personal workout session; she also comes with a sports bra, thong, and a brunette wig. Alicia will obey your every command and do anything to please you.

Alicia is always in the mood for a sweaty workout. Pick her gym outfits for her and dress her up in whatever gets you rocks off for a fulfilling personal scene! Squeeze her soft, firm boobs and savor her realistic pussy holekiss her penetrable soft lips. Warm-up her holes with the included warming wand for a real warming sensation as you enter her body. Use your favorite water-based lubricants only and shower her with warm water and mild soap to treat her with the best care.

Athletic Alicia Premium Love Doll Specs:

Hole Measurements: Vaginal depth 7 inches, anal depth 7 inches, oral depth 6 inches

Note: Weighs 71 lbs, shoe size US 7; shipping weight 95 lbs

Materials: TPE

Color: Flesh

Bonus Outfit Set included: Over $60 in value: Brunette wig, sports bra and underwear


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