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The joy of hot ass! There’s nothing like it, especially when it is COLT. Made of life-like, feels-like-real PureSkin, the COLT Hot Hole is one exciting heated masturbator. That’s right! This ass is warm, just like the real thing. Soothing heating rods warm with one click it heats to an incredible, stimulating 131̊F/55̊C. Soft, tight and stretchy, with a uniquely textured interior for added sensations, you won’t believe how good our COLT Hot Hole feels. Maintenance free, this masturbator is made of soft and sensuous TPR, so that it feels real with every stroke. Incredibly gratifying, this is an intensely pleasurable masturbator that will please any man. Our amazingly satisfying COLT Hot Hole provides intense stimulation that’s sure to satisfy. The masturbator is both flexible and durable, for long-lasting gratification. It offers powerful, deliciously warm sensations for the top in sensual pleasure. This warm and awesome masturbator will add more excitement to any bedroom adventure. Moreover, the heating rods are reusable, for use in specified warming slots. If you are looking for a something unique, you have found it. The COLT Hot Hole will give you the next level in real sensation. To enjoy satisfying, sensual stimulation with our masturbator, always use with a water-based lubricant. Make sure to clean the masturbator with warm water and soap before and after each use, it will prolong its life and your enjoyment.


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