Tenga FLIP ORB STRONG Orange Crash


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Stronger orbs collide and stimulate from within firm, edgy internal details! The FLIP ORB STRONG is here to provide even more explosive sensations, with strong orbs encased in firm sleeve material. Enjoy a new kind of thrill that soft material alone can’t match.

Tenga FLIP ORB STRONG Orange Crash

Push through countless layered edges and aligned strong orbs for full, high-impact stimulation!

Flexible Orbs

The FLIP ORB houses an elastomer sleeve with firm orbs encased in the soft sleeve material, creating layered stimulation for a completely new sensation! The FLIP ORB STRONG uses harder orbs to give even more powerful enjoyment.

Hourglass Shape

The FLIP ORB’s unique hourglass shape, the first of its kind, received exceptionally high marks from 98% of test users. This shape makes the product easy to hold, and provides a sensational squeeze mid-way through!


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