Tongue Star -Tongue Vibe Blue

Promotes POWERFUL Orgasms!
Stays Comfortably in place directly onto the teeth
Intense Stimulation motor
Changeable Batteries (1 Extra Set Included!)
Liquor Lube Pillow Pack Included for extra delicious erotic Oral Play
Easy Clean up with warm soapy water & towel pat dry

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Now you can be a “Star” when it comes to Oral Pleasure with the amazing new “TONGUE STAR” Pleasure Tongue Vibe! Strategic design and contoured shape by a leading orthodontist…this amazing pleasure tongue vibe has an Ultra-Comfort fit directly onto the teeth and causes virtually no discomfort or vibration to the mouth or teeth while doing so. The protruding motor promotes strong powerful vibrations directly onto your partners intimate regions while comfortably remaining in place in the mouth, making it a first of it’s kind when it comes to oral vibrating stimulation. For an extra added good ime..Enhance your oral experience even more with our great tasting “Liquor Lube” personal flavored lubricant Included inside!

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