Spice up your Holidays with your partner/partners!

Have you got plans for Holidays yet?

You could of course do the usual and go out to dinner and a movie. That’s ok but we’ve got a more exciting idea. Why not take the date night budget and use it towards something naughty for the bedroom and spend your Holidays at home? After all, it’s very chilly outside, and we all know what the cold can do.

Spice things up and treat your lover to a surprise that’s sure to put a “O” on their face – and yes, we’re talking sex toys. From vibrators, to edible body paint and massage oil what better way to ignite your passion than with a selection of sexy treats? There’s something for everyone – whether you’re a couple who’ve tried everything or you’re dipping a toe in the waters of experimentation’s.

Come on, don’t be shy, make giving and receiving an experience to remember. Check out our website for more kinky idea.

We have adult sex toys for everyone.

Newly together couple – Why not try a little teasing as you wine and dine your new love. Check out Ben wa balls , they are a deliciously self-indulgent way to prime for pleasure, strengthen sex muscles and increase sexual awareness. Extend your sexual games using ResErection Herbal Male Enhancer to ensure your sexual plans are enlarged, long lasting and revitalized with a little stimulation. Your partner will enjoy the faster recovery time and you will enjoy they payoff, again and again.  That means more pleasure and satisfaction for you and your partner during your kinky adventures.

Long term couple – Being together for several years doesn’t need to mean boring― it means you both know each others secret spots and will know exactly what little surprises will please! Why not try pushing each others boundaries and try something new with some Bondage and role playing. Check out our kits:

Fifty Shades - Submit to Me Beginners Bondage Kit-6361

Fifty Shades – Submit to Me Beginners Bondage Kit-6361

Fetish Fantasy First Time Fantasy Kit-6421

Fetish fantasy series first time fantasy kit

Fetish Fantasy Ultimate Fantasy Kit-6215

Fetish fantasy ultimate fantasy kit

Homebodies – Are you both the type that like to stay home and to think of a night out as a big headache rather than an fun and excitement? When some of your best romantic evenings are spent staying in, that doesn’t mean your night cannot be made extra special. Why not pamper your lover with a sensuous massage and exotic oils.

Hitachi Magic Wand massager

Hitachi magic wand massager

Luxury Gift Sets Geisha's Secret Kit Strawberry-0

Luxury gift sets geisha’s secret kit strawberry

For the unattached – Why not treat your self to the new toy you have had your eye on? No need to worry about any one or anything except your own self love.

G SPOT Silicone vibrator

Crush sugar plum vibrator

Bad Girl Vibrating Ass Masturbator

Bad Girl Vibrating Ass Masturbator

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